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What Our Employees Are Saying

In order to attract more of the industry’s most talented and compassionate individuals—people like you—we could tell you all about our wonderful culture, clients, and patients. But we think it’s more effective to let our professionals speak for themselves. Here are some accounts of their experiences, and why they love their work.

“I found Home Staff via the Internet. After visiting and meeting the staff at the agency, everyone made me feel very welcome and glad to be employed there. The flexibility is unlike any other company I’ve been with. Being a full-time mom, student, and employee, Home Staff allows me the power to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to assignments. After working in a nursing home for numerous years, I wanted to be able to have one-on-one interaction with my clients. I wanted to be able to have a direct impact on my patients’ care, and being in their home has allowed me to do this.”

Janai M.
Home Staff LPN of 10 months

“Home Staff gives me individual personal and professional challenges. No other nursing-care company offers the opportunities to enhance your skills as much as Home Staff does in this area of nursing.”

Annette P.
Home Staff RN of 20 years

“I enjoy working directly with clients in their home environment. I get pleasure knowing that I am assisting individuals to live as independently as possible. The culture here is friendly, respectful, and friendly. I have always appreciated that the agency’s organization, supplies, and plan of care are always on hand. They make sure that knowledgeable supervision is available for consultation, and the agency fills shifts with quality people. This makes each nurse’s job easier, because the patients and their families can relax knowing they will have an appropriate caregiver.”

Freddrika K.
Home Staff employee of 10 years