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Home Staff

If you’re a patient or family member seeking a home care provider, caregiver, or a nurse, you may have some puzzling questions. Are you wondering what to look for in a home care provider? Would you like to know how to get the unique combination of resources you need for your unique medical or caregiver situation—and the level of compassion, and attention you require?

The answer is easier than you might realize: Home Staff, Inc. Truly committed to the well-being of each patient, we take the time to appreciate the physical, psychological, and emotional issues that make every person unique. The experienced team at Home Staff addresses the special challenges presented by medically complex conditions with clinical expertise of the highest quality. As a nurse-owned and operated organization, we take every step to ensure that all patients are safe and secure at all times, and as comfortable in their own homes as possible.

Licensed by the State of Illinois Department of Public Health as a nursing and home services agency, we have the vast resources, clinical expertise, and experience to put together plan-of-care options that are best suited to your wants and needs, regardless of your age. Serving Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, our in-home private-duty nurses and caregivers are all carefully assessed and evaluated to ensure the highest possible levels of quality, reliability, and clinical expertise.

Our goal is simple: helping you to stay at home. We begin the process by listening to you and your needs. Then we examine our resources and present you with a variety of plan-care options, tailoring them at your request to accommodate your specific situation.

Contact us today, and let’s create the perfect fit: 888-806-6924.